What to Know About Pet Car Seats for Pet-Friendly Travel

Pet travel is becoming more popular. Dogs and cats are no longer left at home while their owners run errands or go on family vacations. Whether you’re driving across town to the pet store or across the country to a pet-friendly hotel, vacation rental, or bed and breakfast, it’s critical to ensure that your pet is securely secured in your car.

Pet car seats are a popular solution for many dog owners to secure their four-legged buddy in their vehicle when travelling. These are mostly used for dogs (cats are better suited for travel crates/kennels). Depending on the size of your pet, you may buy automotive seats for dogs in a variety of sizes. They do not, however, accommodate bigger dogs. The biggest pet car seats on the market often handle dogs weighing up to 35 pounds. Most pet car seats, in addition to safely fastening your pet in your vehicle, also double as a booster! They provide a lift to smaller dogs, allowing them to see out the window (but no heads out the window!).

Most pet car seats are attached to the vehicle seat in the same way that kid car seats are. They are restrained by the car’s safety belt. A lead is also linked to the pet car seats. The lead is fastened to the harness of the pet. You read it correctly: a harness! You should never link the lead to a collar since this might result in strangling in the event of an accident. Pet car seats should be fastened in the rear seat as an additional safety measure.

When it comes to pet car seats, there are several forms, sizes, materials, and colours to pick from. Quilted, plaid, magenta, comfortable lamb’s wool interiors, and quirky capsule-style chairs – there’s something for every pet traveller! There are other extras! Your dog may eat and drink from a car seat travel rack that carries food and water dishes when you make pit stops on your route to your pup’s favourite dog friendly hotels. Some pet car seats feature storage pockets, allowing your pet to bring some of their favourite toys or pet travel goodies with them on their route to grandma’s house or pet-friendly lodgings! What if you have several little dogs? Not an issue. There are even pet car seats that can safely transport more than one pet!

Whatever pet car seat you pick, it’s critical to give your pet time to become acclimated to it before you hit the road. If they have never worn a harness before, the first step would be to get them acclimated to it. Allow your pet to wear the harness around the home for a time before taking them on walks with it. Each pet is unique; some pets take to the harness right away, while others require more effort. The second stage is to get them used to the car seat. Place the seat on the floor of your home and let your pet to smell and investigate it. In your own house, practise strapping your pet in the car seat. Bring it into your car after they are at ease. Begin with small rides and then progress to longer rides. Again, some pets will take to it right away, while others may need a bit more time. You are the expert on your pet, so be patient so that they are not stressed. When planning your next pet travel excursion, keep a pet car seat in mind as a safe method to secure your pet in your vehicle.

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